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Documentation » Troubleshooting


Connection Failures

As with any data service, brief connectivity issues may occur from time to time. Retry the connection or refresh the page, and most issues will resolve themselves. If the problem persists and you do not own the camera, please report the issue. If you do own the camera, ensure that the camera still has power. A breaker may have tripped or the camera may have been accidentally unplugged. For solar-power cameras, check the battery status. If you still cannot determine the cause of the problem, please contact support for assistance.

Grainy Or Fuzzy Images

The maximum zoom level for some cameras is produced digitally (by a magnification of pixels) rather optically (by physical lens capabilities). Extreme digital zoom levels can result in poorly resolved images. Alternatively, the camera lens or weather casing may need to be cleaned. Please email so that we can notify the camera owner.

Poor Lighting

Outdoor cameras are subject to harsh lighting at certain times of day. However, if you notice a lighting problem, such as darkness at mid-day or constant over-exposure, please email so that we can adjust the settings.

Still Need Help?

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact support.

Does This Not Look Familiar?

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