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Documentation » Time-Lapses » Watch Time-Lapse Videos

Watch Time-Lapse Videos

From the Project Menu on the left, select Time-Lapses. All active, paused, and completed time-lapses will be listed. For any time-lapse, you will see a playlist of available videos. Simply click the play button to watch any video.

By default, TrueLook will create two videos during your project. At the end of your project, a third and final video will appear with some special production work to make it marketing-ready. 

You may expand any movie’s details to learn more about that video:

From this expanded view, you may also see additional options depending on your user privileges.

  1. Download Movie – Saves the video file to your device
  2. Email Movie – Sends a link via email so others can watch your video
  3. Link/Embed Movie – Lets you directly link to the video or share it on your own website.

Does This Not Look Familiar?

If these images or directions don’t match up with what you are seeing, you may have a different version of our app. Click below to switch to the correct help content.