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Documentation » Time-Lapses » The Image Calendar

The Image Calendar

You can access a time-lapse’s individual images using the Image Calendar. This lets you browse images by date and time to see a specific camera shot.

First, go to the Time-Lapse page from the left-hand project menu. You will see an image thumbnail from each time-lapse you have set up. Click anywhere on this image to launch the Image Calendar.

Click anywhere to launch Image Calendar

A blue horizontal menu allows you to select your desired date and time. You can also “autoplay” through the images in a slideshow.

You are now browsing the Image Calendar

The Mode Menu

By default, the image calendar will show you every image from your time-lapses. You can also change the image calendar and thumbnails to only show one image per day, week, or month. This allows for a broader overall view of your project progress, and lets your browse your time-lapse photos at larger time intervals. To change this setting, use the Mode dropdown menu in the upper-right.

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