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Documentation » Time-Lapses » Schedule A Time-Lapse admin

Schedule A Time-Lapse admin

Admins can schedule new time-lapses at any time. Ensure you are in the Camera View and you will see +NEW TIME-LAPSE listed in the submenu.

For Fixed-Position cameras, simply click this button to begin scheduling your new time-lapse. For PTZ cameras, you must aim and zoom the camera to your desired coordinates for the time-lapse. Once you have aimed your camera, click the +NEW TIME-LAPSE button to schedule your time-lapse with this view. A dialogue window will now appear.

First, give the new time-lapse a name. Then select the dates for which you would like the time-lapse to run. Setting the end date into the far future is an acceptable practice if you do not have a pre-determined end date. You can then choose the time range and interval for your time-lapse photos. The most common schedule is 15 minute intervals during your work hours.

Just click Create Time-Lapse when you are done and your time-lapse will begin at the date and times you selected.

With PTZ cameras, you can repeat the entire process with different view coordinates to capture multiple simultaneous time-lapses at different points of interest.

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