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Documentation » Time-Lapses » Exporting Images Or Videos

Exporting Images Or Videos

You can download time-lapse images or any of your videos at any time.

Time-Lapse Images

Any image that you are viewing (whether on your live camera or in the time-lapse calendar) can be downloaded using the share button. However, if you wish to download multiple images there is a much faster way.

Go to the Time-Lapse page. If you have multiple time-lapses, find the one you wish to export images for. Click the Export link.

Clicking this link will open a new window with some export options. TrueLook lets you filter out nights or weekends if you wish to save time. Optionally, you can also select only certain dates and times to export. The more images you have selected, the larger and slower your download will be.

Time-Lapse Videos

Go to the Time-Lapse page. Any video on this page can be expanded to display more information. Clicking anywhere on the video’s listing (except the play button) will expand it. While the video listing is expanded, a Download Movie link will allow you to download the selected video.


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