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Documentation » Time-Lapses » Edit Or Stop A Time-Lapse admin

Edit Or Stop A Time-Lapse admin

Admins can change a time-lapse schedule at any time. You cannot, however, change the aim and zoom coordinates of any ptz time-lapses after they are created.

To edit a time-lapse, select the Time-Lapses menu item from the left-hand Project Menu. As an admin, you will see an Edit button for the imagery each time-lapse.

Clicking this button will bring up a dialogue window where you can edit your time-lapse schedules.

To pause a time-lapse, simply click the Pause Time-Lapse button inside this window. No more pictures will be taken until you resume the time-lapse.

To stop (complete) a time-lapse, simply set the end date as desired. When the time-lapse’s scheduled end is prior to the current date and time, it is considered completed. For example, you may have originally set the end date for 5 years into the future just to keep it running. If the project actually wrapped yesterday, simply edit the time-lapse end date to yesterday’s date and it will be stopped and considered completed.