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Documentation » Time-Lapses » Create Custom Movies admin

Create Custom Movies admin

TrueLook will automatically turn your time-lapses into videos that you can watch anytime during or after your project. If you wish to create your own custom time-lapses, Admins can do this on the Time-Lapses page.

For any time-lapse, you will have a +New Movie button above your video playlist.

Clicking this link will launch the Create Custom Movie form.

You can now give your custom video a name. Select whether the video to use all your time-lapse images or only certain dates. Determine the video length and whether you want a music track on your video.

Other effects and filters can be selected to help clean up the video:

  • Exclude weekend images / Exclude night images. These filters can help remove dead spots of inactivity or uneven lighting.
  • Exclude bad weather. Uses the weather data from each date. This will help beautify your video by removing most dates with water or snow covering your camera.
  • Daily mode. Just uses one photo per day. This will keep lighting consistent for a smoother video, but you will sacrifice the finer detail of what work occurred each day.
  • Watermark with logo. This will add your logo to the corner of your video.

Once you create your video, give it about 24 hours to render.

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