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Documentation » Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Selecting Photo Album from the left-hand menu will open the gallery of all photo album images. These images have been previously saved from the live camera using the sharing menu (see Add To Photo Album). From this gallery view, admins are able to delete photos from the album.

Click on any thumbnail in this gallery to access the slideshow view. In the slideshow view, you can digitally zoom for closer inspection of your images. These images can also be saved or shared using the sharing menu.

Gallery View
Slideshow View

Image Uploads

Team Members or Admins can also upload pictures to a separate photo album. This gives your team a hosted photo album for documentation pictures that are taken on site.

The Upload Image option will appear in a sub-menu beneath Photo Album.

Drone Missions

As you may have noticed in the image above, any drone missions will also be listed in the Photo Album sub-menu. 

Does This Not Look Familiar?

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