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Documentation » Motion Alert Settings

Motion Alert Settings

menu screenshotQuick and Simple Setup:
Once the Intelligent Security Motion Alerts have been enabled on your site, set up is a quick and simple process. From any project, click on My Account.


From there, you need to select the “Motion Alerts” tab.

user settings screenshot

To enable Motion Alerts, select the radio button next to “Motion alerts enabled”. This will open additional fields to configure your alerts.

Notify Me By – This allows you to set either email or SMS text or both. To receive texts make sure your phone is entered into the Account Info tab.

Send Alerts No More Than Every – Sets the frequency of communication you will receive. Our cameras are rolling 24 hours a day but you can set your alert frequency to your preference.

Weekday Schedule – Hours when you will receive alerts. For a normal business with daily activity, you may want to limit the alerting hours to when you think no one will be there.

Weekend Schedule – Can be set to run at different hours than during the week. Last Alert – Date/Time of the last alert sent to you for this camera.

Motion alert settings

To set alerts up for any other cameras, just go into your other projects and repeat the same steps.

Does This Not Look Familiar?

If these images or directions don’t match up with what you are seeing, you may have a different version of our app. Click below to switch to the correct help content.