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Documentation » Live Cameras » Preset Views (PTZ Cameras)

Preset Views (PTZ Cameras)

Preset Views provide a quick way to aim and zoom a PTZ camera to a location of interest. Click the Preset Views button in the submenu beneath Camera View to see any saved presets. Simply click a preset and the camera will move itself to the proper coordinates.

Editing Presets admin

Admins will have a Moderate option that allows them to create and delete presets. The +SAVE PRESET button will create a new preset at the camera’s current view coordinates. The trash can icon can be clicked to remove a preset from your list.

Home And Security Presets

While moderating the presets, an Admin can also set two special preset locations. A “home” and “shield” icon on each preset will let you define these. When active, the preset’s icon will be highlighted orange.

Clicking the home icon on a preset will assign that view as the home position. Anytime a user logs into the camera, this preset will automatically load and will be the first thing the user sees. If no home position is assigned, a new user will instead see whatever happens to be the last image taken from the camera.

Clicking the shield icon will assign a security-recording position. When the camera is not busy with other tasks, it will aim itself at this location. This will ensure that your 24/7 security recording feature is recording high-priority areas whenever possible.

Does This Not Look Familiar?

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