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Documentation » Getting Started » Procore Integration admin

Procore Integration admin

Connecting your TrueLook and Procore accounts will let you:

  • Send any photo from TrueLook to Procore with notes or markup
  • Access your Procore contacts from within TrueLook
  • (Optional) Send select time-lapse imagery to Procore
  • (Optional) Use TrueLook directly from within Procore as an Embedded Application

Note: You must have admin privileges for any TrueLook cameras that you wish to connect to Procore. Certain integration features may also depend on your Procore permission levels.

For a better explanation of these features, please see our Procore integration page.

How to Integrate with Procore

Within TrueLook, hover over your username in the top right and select “My Account.” You are now on your user settings page – select the “Integrations” tab. You will now see various integration options.

Click the “Connect with Procore” button.

You will automatically be sent to Procore, where you will have to grant TrueLook permission to access your account. If you are not currently logged into your Procore account, you may have to do that before proceeding.

Authorization screen

After clicking “Allow,” you will be sent back to TrueLook.

Note: If you have the “Remember Me” checkbox enabled on your TrueLook login page, you will automatically be logged back into TrueLook. If you do not have that checked, you will have to enter your Username and Password again.

Once again, navigate to your Integrations settings.

You will now see a list of your TrueLook cameras that you can link to any Procore projects. Use the dropdown to select the appropriate Procore project for each camera.

Your projects are now linked!

If you wish, you may now select which TrueLook media to automatically sync to Procore. Use the dropdown menu to select any photo album or time-lapses that you want TrueLook to send to Procore. As TrueLook adds new photos to these photo albums and time-lapses, your new media will automatically sync to their corresponding Procore folder.

Note: TrueLook will never delete anything out of Procore. If you decide to unlink a camera or disable the “Send Imagery to Procore” option, any photos already in Procore will remain there.

TrueLook photos are sent to photo albums within Procore. To see any photo albums, open your project in Procore. From the top Toolbox menu, select “Photos.”

On any photo in TrueLook, click the share button and select “Send to Procore.” You will have the option to send a note with your image.

Alternatively, you can select “Markup Image” to add highlights or drawings. Once finished, save the Photo to the album. From the photo gallery, click on the image. Then use the share menu again to select “Send to Procore.”

Using the share button and selecting “Email” allows you to send any photo with a message directly to someone’s email account. Now that you have linked your Procore account, TrueLook is able to populate email addresses from both your TrueLook and Procore contacts.

Within your TrueLook admin settings, you will now see Procore users that can be invited to TrueLook. If you click the left-hand Procore icon you will be able to assign camera permissions for that contact. Your contact will then receive an email invitation to join TrueLook along with their login information.

A direct link to your TrueLook camera is created for you in Procore. It will show up in the right sidebar of your project.

Embedding TrueLook into Procore

TrueLook now supports Procore’s Embedded Experience. The authentication steps above are required but if you have already done that there is no need to reauthenticate. The TrueLook app is available in the App Marketplace.

Searching the App Marketplace In Procore

To add the TrueLook embedded experience, navigate to the Apps dropdown menu at the top of your Procore header and select App Marketplace.

Embed option

Once you have navigated to the App Marketplace, just search for TrueLook. Select TrueLook and you will see our application listing.

application listing

Simply click on the “Install App” button.

Note: Only Procore company administrators can install apps. If you have any issues with installing an application, please contact your Procore Administrator for assistance.

Once the application is installed you will see the listing in your App Management screen.

Procore App Management

Click on View for the TrueLook application and you should see a “Configurations” tab (shown below).

Procore Configurations

Note – If you do not see a configurations tab, you may need to uninstall the application and reinstall it to get the latest version. None of your already synced photos will be removed.

create configuration options

Creating Configurations

Configurations allow you to determine the projects you want to install this application for, and to select which project data from TrueLook you would like to access from Procore.

If you have multiple projects in your TrueLook account and multiple projects in Procore, you will need to create a separate configuration for each project. When done properly, the correct camera/project in TrueLook will appear when the application is run in the correct Procore Project.

Note: Each Embedded Experience application will only show one TrueLook camera at a time. Selecting “Select All” in configurations will not ensure the correct camera will appear in your Procore Project. A configuration must be made between each TrueLook Project and each Procore Project.

In the below example, I want the camera in TrueLook from the ABC Co. Office to appear when I access the application from the Procore ABC Co. Office project.

Select the appropriate Project. In this case, I am using ABC Co.

options selected

Then give it a title that corresponds to the mapped Project Name.

Add title

Next click on Create.

You are now ready to start using your application to access TrueLook Cameras from your Procore project.

Because you linked the specific camera to your project on the TrueLook side, that camera is what you will see when you access the Embedded Experience.

mapping fields

Within your project, select the Configuration you just created from the dropdown.

select configuration

Then your TrueLook camera will be displayed on the screen.

truelook camera display

Uninstalling the Application

To uninstall the application go to the App Management screen

app management screen

From there, deleting the application is simple. Just click on View.

Then click on Uninstall.

uninstall description

Does This Not Look Familiar?

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