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Documentation » Getting Started » Interface Basics

Interface Basics

The TrueLook interface can be broken down into three main sections. The Global Header, the Project Menu, and then the main application area.

The Global Header holds menu items that are not specific to any project. This header remains (essentially) the same even as you switch between different projects or access other pages.

The Project Menu holds menu items that ARE specific to the currently selected project. Any camera controls, photo albums, time-lapse videos, etc. that are accessed within this menu are solely from the selected project. Items in this menu can be quite different, depending on which project you are viewing and your permission level.

The remaining application area will change depending on which item you select from the Project Menu. It will default to your live camera view, if the project has an active live camera.

If you are an admin, you will see certain items in orange. These items cannot be seen by your non-admin users. They allow you change your settings, moderate albums & presets, schedule & edit time-lapses, and more.

Does This Not Look Familiar?

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