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Documentation » Getting Started » Camera Access & Permissions

Camera Access & Permissions

There are two ways for someone to access the TrueLook interface:

1. Log in to an account

Logging in with a username and password gives you the most control. You will be able to change your user settings, customize your email alerts, and more. Logging in as an admin is also the only way to access the admin settings and controls.

2. Use a sharing link.

An admin user can create sharing links for their camera. A sharing link will take anyone directly to the camera and skip the login requirement. This offers a lot of convenience for easily sharing your camera with others.

Permission Levels

There are four distinct permission levels, each with varying privileges. This lets the camera owner control the privacy of their data. The admin will determine the permission level for each user and any sharing link created.

The four access levels are Limited Viewer, Viewer, Team Member, and Admin. The differences can be summed up as follows:

  • A Limited Viewer is great for public sharing with a bit of privacy. They can only see a recent (not live) camera image and view the time-lapse.
  • A Viewer is ideal for public sharing. The viewer can now view and aim the live camera.
  • A Team Member can fully interact with the interface. They can now stream live video, upload images, and export media.
  • The Admin can do everything. Only an admin can create or edit time-lapses, moderate users, and change camera settings.

For a more detailed explanation, see the chart below:

Admin Team
Viewer Limited
Camera View Yes Yes Yes, but no video No, recent image only
Time Lapses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo Album Yes Yes Yes, but no uploads Yes, but no access to mobile uploads
Project Info Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Export Yes Yes No No
Statistics Yes Yes No No
Admin Controls Yes No No No

Does This Not Look Familiar?

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