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Documentation » Admin Settings » Embed Your Webcam admin

Embed Your Webcam admin

You can embed the webcam interface onto your own website to share the camera with your visitors. The interface can be embedded just about anywhere at any size on your website. To do this, first go to the Sharing Links tab within the Admin Settings page.

Beneath your sharing links is the html code used to embed your interface. You will need to insert one of your sharing links as the source. Copy and paste this code into your website wherever you want the interface to appear.

The interface will appear on your site with a simple, non-intrusive control scheme:

The embedded interface uses the same controls as your full-screen interface, just in a more compact layout. Camera controls such as zooming are located in the upper-right, just like in the full-sized interface. The “menu” button will let viewers access the other features of your interface such as time-lapses and photo albums.

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