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Documentation » 24/7 Video Recording admin

24/7 Video Recording admin

This feature is included with all TrueLook cameras. No setup or configuration is required, although PTZ camera owners may wish to define an area of their jobsite as a security-recording preset. The camera will automatically record HD 720p video continuously. Each recorded event is listed by date, time, and duration for your review.

30-Day Loop
The camera can hold about 30 days of recorded video. Once the storage is full, the camera will continue recording new events by overwriting your earliest recordings.

Retrieving A Video

Open the Security Recordings page to see a list of your recorded events. A dropdown calendar lets you browse past dates.

To view or download a video clip, you will have to fetch it from the camera’s on-board storage. The selected video clips will be stored in the cloud and can be quickly accessed from TrueLook.

Select the checkbox next to any video(s) you wish to access, and then click the Fetch selected recording(s) button. You will receive an email when the video(s) are ready for you, but an individual clip does not take long to fetch.

Fetched Video Expiration

Any fetched videos will be saved indefinitely.



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